10 Recreational Hobbies You Can Do At Home During The Pandemic

Various tourist attractions, clubs, and parks have closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, the majority of people are now stuck at home. We are recommended to get self-quarantine even though we show no signs of illness. This is the most effective way to protect ourselves and our families from the coronavirus and to “flatten the curve.”

However, you can still do a lot of things inside the comfort of your home. To make your days more fun and exciting while you are stuck indoors, we have compiled these top hobbies you can do during the pandemic. Check these out!

Collecting Model Motorbikes

Some people collect dolls or miniatures of their favorite characters from a television show or film. But how about replicas of your favorite model motorbikes? This pandemic is the perfect opportunity to collect them. There is nothing more satisfying than collecting your dreamt motorbikes. Go and shop now online!


You can start your day by creating your desired artwork using embroidery materials. Embroidery is the art of drawing with threads that offer you endless possibilities. Simple line art can be stitched, and painted murals can be embroidered to create a unique masterpiece. You can start by creating minimalist artworks such as flowers, objects, and even food. This can also help you relax.

Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling is one of the most productive hobbies you can do at home that helps you keep track of important events that you want to remember or the tasks that you have accomplished within a day. Journaling also helps you express your emotions and create new ideas.

Rather than purchasing a new planner, you can make your DIY journal. Choose your preferred color palette and designs. You can even add some pictures or stickers to make it more personalized. You can also make some drawings and make them creative.

Flower Arranging

You can still show your enthusiasm for nature indoors. Floristry is a type of hobby that anyone can do using just a few simple concepts. Some several sites and books offer free tutorials for creating an intricate and superb arrangement using various types of flowers. This can also beautify your interior.

Solving Puzzles

Solving puzzles is another excellent way to exercise your brain while you are stuck at home. Most puzzle games are incredibly stimulating, whether it’s a classic jigsaw or a Sudoku. You can also use the internet and download some puzzle games on your phone to kill your time. To make the game more exciting, ask your family members or even your friends to solve the puzzles with you.

Reading Books

This is the best time to read all those books you have wanted to read. Reading is also a great way to exercise your brain. Reading engages a variety of brain functions, including comprehension, fluency, and visual and auditory processes. Reading also helps you boost concentration.

You can start with self-help books, such as Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Fooled by Randomness, Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power, and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen. R. Covey. These books will help you improve yourself and your perspectives about life. Reading books will serve as your survival kit during the pandemic.

Playing Instruments

Playing any instrument allows you to express yourself creatively. Certain parts of your brain are stimulated when you play as you use your hands and memorize the necessary notes. It helps you enhance your motor skills and memory. It may be difficult at first, but once you’re used to it, it becomes your new source of happiness and growth.


Even if you’re staying indoors, you can always get some exercise. Your body needs movement at all times. Yoga at home improves the body’s flexibility while also improving your mental health. You can also perform it in your garden.

Learning A New Language

Use your online resources and learn a new language. This is one of the most productive ways you can do during the whole period of the pandemic. You can start with Deutsch, Bahasa Indonesia, or Korean since most of us now are enticed by Korean dramas.

It doesn’t need to be a spoken language. You can also learn sign language. Sign language is equally fascinating to learn. Do not just put too much pressure on yourselves. It takes time to be fluent. Learning simple expressions and phrases is already fulfilling.


You just have to prepare papers to start this art. A piece of paper offers you limitless possibilities. You can create classic cranes, various sculptures, flowers, or butterflies and put them on your wall as decorations. This hobby is addictively challenging and satisfying. You can do it with your friends, family, or even alone. You can also watch some tutorials online to start.


The best way to kill time and be productive while staying indoors is to pursue your hobbies. Whether you like collecting model motorbikes, reading self-help books or novels, solving mind-blowing puzzles, and playing instruments, you can always do them freely. Your hobbies also help you survive during this time of the pandemic.