7 Health & Fitness Apps on BetaPage

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Being healthy and fit is what everyone needs now a days, for the same purpose we have selected 7 wonderful apps/websites that will help you stay healthy and fit, without taking in consideration the age factor. They will help you in improving your heath/diet as per your convenience and improving other health issues easily.

Here are they:-

Angel Sensor

The Rasberry Pi of Health Wearables

Angel Sensor is an open wearable platform for mobile health that tracks heart rates, skin temperature, steps, sleep quality, calories, acceleration, and orientation. it offers a unrestricted, real time API sensors and fully ownership of the data for both developers and consumers. The sensors and the data derived are 100% customizable with different color options.


Discover local sweat spots, healthy eats, and upcoming races in your city

Fitt combining shareable, health-centered content with grassroots outreach and events, Fitt has created an online and offline community of health-seekers on a city-by-city basis. Having assembled a growing network of local contributors, ambassadors, and community ‘experts’.


Simplified dashboard for Apple Health data

HealthView helps you understand Apple Health data better. It provides a clean, intuitive, beautiful & easy To Use Interface. Each data set has ability to show you more details like: detailed history graph, detailed overview of Apple’s HealthKit app data points, averages, min/max values, best days and goal progress — yes set you health & fitness goals too.


Secure your health records on your mobile

MedZap vision is to improve lives of people globally. Easily Signup and create your medical profile, secure your medical records by taking a picture and saving them, tag your records to relevant keywords for remembering, access your medical records anywhere any time your uploaded records are easy to fetch by searching with relevant keywords etc.


An ecosystem of beautiful health trackers designed to make health a habit

Opter is a a unisex designer necklace that tracks your posture and more. These trackers take data from different parts of your day to figure out which of your lifestyle factors affect each other and how you can modify your daily routine to improve various health metrics, like sleep quality, posture, and oral health.


Improving Lives Through Technology while Connecting Doctors and Patients in the Philippines

SeriousMD aims to improve lives by finding solutions to providing better healthcare. Sign Up for an account, start learning and using SeriousMD Doctors, set it up on other devices. This fits your practice & patient management needs, secure data with 24/7 backups, better informed diagnosis, get more patients, works offline and works even better online, etc.


Find all healthcare treatments in your city, including price and all details

Yoodoc helps you find health treatments easily keeping in mind transparency for all, prior appointments, help through out the entire process, find your treatment, get price quotes (no more hidden cost), check out the doctor´s location and book your treatment online. Works on your phone, tablet and smartwatch.

Stay healthy and fit, your health’s safety is all they want :)