How to calculate weight loss percentage for newborns using these modern apps.

When a woman is pregnant there are many checks they will need to attend throughout the 9 months. These will range from normal blood tests to ultrasound scans. The tests are done to ensure the baby/babies are as safe as they can be. If any complications arise, the technology that will be used will be able to pick up any abnormalities at the quickest possible time.

Technology has come a long way over the years, from mums not being able to even know if the baby they are carrying is safe, to measuring newborns having already been predicted before they arrive, along with weight, head circumference, and organ growth. The available technology is at its most advanced. The weight of a baby is also predicted by using the measurements they have of your baby, with comparing this to the average of a baby around those measurements they can give a rough estimate of what your baby/baby’s birth weight will be.

Apps available

Mums fret much more than they used to. With technology readily available there are many more things a mum to be will read up on. For instance, if someone were to say “your bump is small for how far along you are in your pregnancy” the mum’s first reaction will be to google why the bump is small? What are the reasons my bump could be small? With the internet throwing up all of the possible reasons that are available.

This is why many mums that are expecting, now have tracking apps, they get updates and weekly progress reports from these apps for the baby/babies. The information these apps contain are things like

  • How many weeks you are
  • What size the baby/babies are roughly
  • How much the baby is likely to weigh
  • What development stage the baby is reaching
  • Weight gain predictions for the next week
  • What the mum’s symptoms will be
  • Advice on birthing plans
  • Advice on births and nursing your child

With the tracking apps on your pregnancy, they will often give you new and upcoming technology that will help once the baby gets here.

There are many new and modern technologies that you can purchase to help when your baby gets here, you will be able to find ratings and reviews online for these products. Finding a good site where it can give you a true and accurate star rating will be the difference between having a good product or a bad one.

weight loss in babies and why?

For instance, many new parents panic when their baby arrives, the panic may be over many things but one of the biggest is a baby’s weight loss in the first few weeks. So your baby has been busy growing for the last few months leading up to birth. So it is a shock to many parents when the baby loses weight in the first few weeks.

This is for many reasons, the main one being that the baby is not getting automatically fed through the umbilical cord. Although you are feeding your baby the correct amount of milk, it takes a few weeks for the baby to adjust. All the good cakes and eating, whenever you want, has now stopped, so the baby is not being fed even when they do not need it.

How to work out the percentage of weight loss

They are taking a feed as and when they need it. Breastfeeding a newborn baby provides all the nutrients a baby will need. The only thing with breastfeeding is that you can not see how much they are feeding unless you are expressing.

The best way to keep an eye on a baby’s weight loss is to calculate the weight loss percentage.

How to do this?

  • Divide weight loss by the start weight then times that number by 100 this will give you the percentage.

Remember that all newborns do lose a percentage of their body weight and if you are concerned about this speak to a professional. If you want to simplify this you can probably find an app that will calculate this for you until your baby starts to gain weight.


Being a new parent is not an easy task by anyone’s imagination. It is tiring, stressful, and very emotional. Many of these emotions will be good ones, happiness, proudness, love, relief, so when the worry side of your emotional state comes into your mind, finding the best ways to put your mind at rest will be a total relief.

Technology has a big part to play in everyday life for many people, so if it makes your life easier in having this technology, why not make the most of it. For many, time is not as readily available as it is for some, so when looking for the latest help regarding your baby and its safety why not look online. Find a trusted site, look into the latest products there are, or look at the new and upcoming projects that may be launched.

These things are here to help, so take advantage of the modern world, it’s here to help. Look to others for advice on what is tried and tested and proven to work. Sites that do this in one place will stop your head from being in a spin!